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Does the Amount of Sleep You Need Change as You Get Older?

July 15, 2023 8:04 am

Age brings about many physical changes. It can also affect the amount of sleep you need.

Early Years

Newborns need more sleep than any other age range—up to seventeen hours a day! Unfortunately for exhausted parents, those hours are often spread out over the course of the day as infants wake up throughout the day and night for diaper changes and to feed and burp. As babies grow into toddlers and young children, their sleep requirements decrease a bit and they nap less frequently. However, sleep remains crucial in these early years since children’s brains and bodies need extra rest to allow for rapid growth and development.

Teenagers need about 8-10 hours of sleep a day. Unfortunately, many do not get this due to school schedules, extracurricular activities, social media, and video gaming.


As we enter adulthood and no longer experience periods of significant physical and mental development, our bodies need less sleep. In general, adults require seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Some people, however, may need more rest to feel fully recharged, whereas others can get by on fewer hours per night.


Older adults need the same amount of sleep each night as adults need. However, the body produces less of certain sleep hormones like melatonin, making it more difficult to doze off and stay asleep through the night. It’s also common for older adults to experience disrupted sleep due to factors like insomnia, chronic disease, a sedentary lifestyle, depression, and nocturia. Although quality sleep may not come as easily to seniors, getting adequate rest each night is critical to maintaining their physical strength and mental sharpness.

You Deserve Quality Sleep at Every Age!

No matter how old you are, it is essential to prioritize getting quality sleep. Allowing your body to rest and recharge each night greatly contributes to your overall health. If you are concerned about your sleep habits, get in touch with RespAir Sleep today to discuss available options for improving your sleep!

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