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At RespAir Sleep, we understand the frustration that you may be feeling if one or more of your patients are struggling to use a CPAP machine to treat their sleep apnea. Every patient is different, so it’s no surprise that sleep apnea requires a custom treatment plan that is based on each individual’s unique preferences and needs. For questions or more information, please contact our front office team directly.

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what to expect

What you can expect from us

  • We follow the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine‚Äôs protocol for treating sleep apnea, as well as the North Carolina Medical and Dental Boards.
  • We send follow-up letters so you can follow along with your patient’s treatment.
  • We require a diagnosis made by a medical doctor. Patients who need sleep studies will be seen, and their study will be ordered from a sleep physician (not from us).
  • We are participating providers with Medicare, Tricare, and the VA. We work with and bill all major medical insurance plans.
  • We are highly educated in sleep and will continue to stay up to date and beyond with all training, CEs, research, etc.
  • Some patients are not good candidates for oral appliances, and we will be the first to share that with patients.
  • We make custom appliances that are of very high quality, made by a trained dentist, and FDA, and if applicable, Medicare approved.
  • We will treat and handle any side effects that may arise and need managing from oral appliances.
  • We will be trusted allies for you and your patients. We will strive to be a provider you can depend on to help your patients and improve their health outcomes.
  • We will require that the patients we see are up to date on their well-check visits and see you when you request.
  • We offer other treatments and services to patients, such as myofunctional therapy, referral to cognitive behavioral therapists (if needed), laser treatments to augment CPAP or oral appliance therapy and sleep coaching if appropriate.
  • We will refer back for efficacy testing to a referring sleep physician.

Financing, Technology & Education

We bill all major medical insurance plans directly. We also accept Medicare,Tricare, and third-party payment plans.

RespAir Sleep invests in advanced treatment technology to provide our patients with top-notch care. We are not a one-size-fits-all office!

Our team is committed to reading the latest studies and completing continuing education courses that focus on advancements in sleep apnea treatment and oral appliance therapy to keep our services up-to-date.

Our Processes

If we believe that oral appliance therapy may not be the right fit for a patient, our team has no reservations about telling the patient that oral appliance therapy may not work for them based on our findings.

We always aim to inform our patients of the adjunct treatment options that can further help them reduce their sleep apnea severity and symptoms, such as sleep masks, bed wedges, diet/weight loss, nasal cones/strips, and proper sleep hygiene.

Our office has seen excellent results with oral appliance therapy. However, we also recognize that CPAP is still considered the gold standard for treating sleep apnea.

Dr. DeSaix enjoys meeting with physicians and their teams to provide further assistance and education regarding oral appliance therapy. Our office would love to be a helpful resource for you and your valued patients! Contact us today to learn more about RespAir Sleep and the services we provide.

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